Sunday, 15 August 2010

Spotty Blue Manicure

This was inspired from a photo I spotted on fuckyeahprettynails. I can't seem to find it again so I can't show you it or give proper credit.

This was so difficult to photograph, my camera really hates neons.

I started with a base colour of China Glaze Towel Boy Toy (love it!) and sponged on China Glaze White on White onto the tips. Using a dotting tool I added dots of Towel Boy Toy down the white tips until they blended with the base colour.

In other news in the post today I received my first ever fimo canes that I bought off Ebay. Any hints or tips on how to use them best? I've been practising cutting them as thin as possible and ended up cutting off a chuck of my nail, oops! Luckily it was mostly my nail varnish and only a little bit of nail that suffered.

Faybee x


  1. Cute!! I wish I had Towel Boy Toy...Sigh.

  2. Lovely design! I want Towel Boy Toy so badly x

  3. Wow your nails look amaazing! I wish I was that good at doing nails!! Check out my blog if you have time :)

    Jenn xx

  4. Oh oh I know which picture you mean I think, the girl was blonde and the design was in pink? I tried this once but it turned out pants and I never posted it. This is fantastic though!
    Charlie from Lady of the Lane recommended your blog to me and I absolute LOVE it. Fantastic nail artist, you are! x

  5. @Leanne Yes that's the one!

    Aww thanks so much xx

  6. your nail are very pretty. Love the design



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