Thursday, 30 September 2010

Stripy Copycat Nails

Hello, long time no see! Since I now have a few millimetres of growth on my nails I'm back on the nail art wagon! And how better to start than by ripping off someone else design and trying out my new striper brush from Sally's (was £8.99 got for £1.19 in sale, bargain!)

I love WAH nails. Their blog is one of my favourite places to go for inspiration. This is the design I copied.

This is my interpretation:

That's Essie Plaza sweet with China Glaze White on White and Barry M Black.
I think I need a bit more practise to get up to WAH level.

Also have you heard WAH and Models Own are collaborating to make their own nail art pens? I am very excited!

Faybee xx

P.S. I promised I'll come up with something myself next time

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Leopard Nails

I found these pictures in my photobucket. They were actually taken before I began blogging and I never got round to putting them up.

This is one of my favourite bangles, I've had it a while now so I've no idea where I got it from.

I did nails to match

It's basically a white base coat, blobs of different colours from polishes which I can't remember - using the brush from the bottle - no special application, then Konad SP Black with plate M57 on top.

In other news, I broke a nail.

: (

Right down to the smile line. I don't like nail art on really, really short nails so you might not be seeing a lot of me in the next few days, not until it they grow back enough to look normal again. I have really small hands and short fingers so short (reeeeeeeeally short) nails do not suit me at all, my hands look really childlike and I don't like it. I haven't had nails this short since I was a nail biter 10 years ago.

I have recently taken delivery of some nail art display wheels so I'm sorting out my entire collection of nail polish. I got 10 nail wheels and each have 18 'nails' on them and they're not enough so that means that I have many more bottles of nail varnish than I first thought. I'm now waiting for more to come through the post. I'm also trying to get some decent photos of the ones I've done so I can put some comparisons and swatches up but I'm having difficulty getting my camera to pick up colours accurately, I'm a bit of a perfectionist so this is doing my head in. I might have to ask my dad to see if I can borrow his posh camera.

Faybee x

P.S. I'm now on twitter and have no idea how to use it! You can find me at


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