Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Leopard Nails

I found these pictures in my photobucket. They were actually taken before I began blogging and I never got round to putting them up.

This is one of my favourite bangles, I've had it a while now so I've no idea where I got it from.

I did nails to match

It's basically a white base coat, blobs of different colours from polishes which I can't remember - using the brush from the bottle - no special application, then Konad SP Black with plate M57 on top.

In other news, I broke a nail.

: (

Right down to the smile line. I don't like nail art on really, really short nails so you might not be seeing a lot of me in the next few days, not until it they grow back enough to look normal again. I have really small hands and short fingers so short (reeeeeeeeally short) nails do not suit me at all, my hands look really childlike and I don't like it. I haven't had nails this short since I was a nail biter 10 years ago.

I have recently taken delivery of some nail art display wheels so I'm sorting out my entire collection of nail polish. I got 10 nail wheels and each have 18 'nails' on them and they're not enough so that means that I have many more bottles of nail varnish than I first thought. I'm now waiting for more to come through the post. I'm also trying to get some decent photos of the ones I've done so I can put some comparisons and swatches up but I'm having difficulty getting my camera to pick up colours accurately, I'm a bit of a perfectionist so this is doing my head in. I might have to ask my dad to see if I can borrow his posh camera.

Faybee x

P.S. I'm now on twitter and have no idea how to use it! You can find me at http://twitter.com/Bee_Nails


  1. LOVE them! I want to try it :)
    The leopard design on M57 is like, the most essential Konad image out there. Haha!

    Sorry to hear about your broken nail :( I get so upset when I break one, I have really chubby fingers so without long nails my fingers look like sausage links!

    Following you on Twitter now!

  2. It definitely is!

    Thanks for the sympathy. I know it's just a broken nail but... WAH!


  3. Wow! It's perfect! Great job!

  4. I simply love them!!!
    Sorry about the broken nail :(



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