Monday, 2 August 2010

OMG! Stars!

I think holographic nail varnishes are amazing I really wish I had more in my collection so far I've just the one China Glaze OMG.

It's such a shame it's not sunny today, shade does not show this polish off to its full advantage at all.

You can see a little bit more of the holo in this photo but to see it at it's best this is one you really have to experience in real life.

The big stars are from Bundle Monster plate BM05 and the little stars are from plate BM14 both are done in Konad Special Polish Black. It got a little smudged on my little finger whoops!

Faybee x


  1. Can I ask where you buy Bundle Monster plates? this looks great!

  2. @Charlie

    I got the set of them from, they're quite cheap it only worked out at about £15 for 21 plates

  3. I have the BM plates too! I just got them and they're my new obsession. And so cheap! Here, it was $18 for 21 plates. You seriously cannot beat it!



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