Wednesday, 25 August 2010

London Nails

I spent all day Sunday in London meeting up with some friends. I had a brilliant time and they all admired my London themed nails :)

Left Hand:

Ring Finger: Barry M Cobalt Blue, China Glaze White on White and a Red Sharpie

Thumb: OPI What's With the Cattitude?, China Glaze White on White, Barry M Black, Barry M Grey and the brown colour is one I blended using a few browns in my collection. It's supposed to be Big Ben (in case you couldn't tell.)

All other nails: Barry M Cobalt Blue

Right Hand:

I don't recommend trying to cut corners and using a red sharpie instead of red nail varnish. It worked but even though I left it to try for about 15 minutes before I applied top coat it still smudged a bit.

Faybee x

1 comment:

  1. wow, I love it- i especially love your left thumb :o



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