Wednesday, 2 June 2010

OPI Done Out in Deco Bows

I wore this dress last Sunday and I wanted my nails to complement it.


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I went for OPI's Done out in Deco for my base colour and added bows the Konad M59 to match the ones on the dress. I know you can't see the bows on the dress very well in that picture but they're actually a really good match; they have the same polka dots and everything!

This is after a few days wear so it does look a bit rough round the edges but tip wear wasn't too bad with this polish.
It's a shame the bows did fit fully on my fingers but I think it looks alright and they did just about fit my thumb nail.

I think this manicure looked really cute. I love the formula of this polish it's quite thin which makes it easy to apply but it was still opaque in two coats despite its thinness.

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