Saturday, 12 June 2010

England vs USA

This wasn't supposed to be a football manicure at all, it was going to be polka dots. I painted my nails red this morning, I was going to Konad them when I got back from shopping but I guess I got caught world cup fever in the meantime ;)

The idea isn't my own; I stole part of it from My Nail Polish Addiction
And the England cup is from Tesco

The flag was done with a base colour of H&M Red Nail. The cross was done by blocking out the cross with sellotape and doing the rest with Barry M Matt White. I must say I'm surprised this worked. If I was going to do this mani in the first place I would have done white first, then red but actually the Matt White covered the red in just two coats, I'm impressed!

Faybee x

1 comment:

  1. Hey Faybee, love the nails. For the flag nail, I too did the white on that nail and then the red, it is much easier that way. x



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