Monday, 5 July 2010

OPI Wing It!

My camera did not like this colour at all. For some reason it's come out more orangey than it is in real life. I tried to adjust the colour settings but it went a bit weird. I've left these pictures alone so you'll just have to imagine them without the orangy-ness. Sorry.

This is so, so sparkly in direct sunlight. It's amazing
Here it is out of focus to try and capture some of that sparkle:

I really wished I'd used another colour underneath as I really don't like it when you can see the nail line. I did try some Konading to try and disguise it a bit.

Butterflies! To go with the Butterfly Flutter collection

That's my cat Starship in the background, I only noticed her when I was resizing the picture lol.

Faybee x

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