Friday, 30 July 2010

Essie Plaza Sweet

This is the first ever time I have used an Essie nail varnish and I am impressed!

I've never had a chance to try any Essie varnishes before because they're not widely available around here (I believe they're an American brand?) and whenever I've seen them online they've been a bit pricey so I've not wanted to risk forking out for a bottle and not liking it but when I saw some were on sale at Nails by Mail I couldn't resist a small order. This gorgeous coral only cost me £3.50 and it applies brilliantly.

This is what I think corals should look like, I've seen certain colours called coral when to me I think they're far too orangey to be coral.

I was applying it late at night and rushing but even with a not-very-good application it still dried smooth.

The design on my thumb is from Konad Plate M65 in Special Polish white, although it's not done very well because my bottle of white polish is very low and starting to dry out. I also had the same design on my ring finger but it turned out so badly I left them off the photo. I do have a new bottle of Princess Polish White so I think it's time to crack that open.

Faybee x


  1. Nice colour! I love my Essie nail polish too. The best I've tried so far. xx

  2. Such a rich and gorgeous color!

  3. This is my FAVE go to color. It's pretty without being loud.



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