Monday, 8 November 2010

Very Belated Halloween Nails

I didn't mean to abandon my blog but a few days before my last post I started a new job. I'd been out of work for a few months before then and I'm finding it very hard to adjust to the working world again. Office politics in particular :\
I've still been painting my nails although I did go on a nail art hiatus for the first couple of weeks at work until I found out if it was acceptable or not, it seems it's okay so today I've got teddy bears on my nails (I'll upload pictures soon)
These were going to be separate posts over Halloween but I never got round to it so you get them all at once!

Spider Nails

These nails were inspired by the bowl we use for our trick or treat sweeties, close-up -

The big spiders were freehand, the rest were from Bundle Monster BM13 and Konad M28. The purple is China Glaze Spontaneous. The gems (spider backs) and dazzlings (eyes) are from Viva la Nails

Monster Nails

They didn't turn out how they looked in my head so I think they look a bit pants. The green is China Glaze Kiwi Cool-Ada applied on top of white.

Halloween Ruffian

(The polish isn't 'creased' it's just the reflection from the window blinds)

Done with Eyeko Vampira Polish on top of Eyeko Sacy polish. My first ruffian!

Hope to see you soon,
Faybee x


  1. love them all but adoring that 1st one. :D

  2. Thanks, it was the one that took the longest! x



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