Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Fruit Salad

I think I'm getting better at cutting fimo canes. This is my latest effort of fimo on top of Collection 2000 Fruit Salad (the name inspired me.)

It's a kiwi fruit! Not the prettiest fruit but it was the only fruit in the house at the time.

Faybee x


  1. We have just discovered your gorgeous, fruity nail art made of STAEDTLER FIMO!
    I bet many people still don't know FIMO can be used for nails!
    This is why we'd love to meet you on our facebook fanpage http://www.facebook.com/STAEDTLER.headquarters !
    It would be great if you became a fan, too, and showed your pretty nails on our page.

    Hope to meet you soon and best regards from STAEDTLER headquarters in Germany, Yvonne

  2. Absolutely gorgeous. I have to try one day :D



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