Friday, 1 October 2010

Foody Nails

On Wednesday night I had a meal out with my family since my cousin is moving away. He's got a new job as a chef in a fancy castle restaurant. So these nails are in his honour because he deserves it after all the meals we've enjoyed from him :)

Left Hand:

Thumb – Chef's Hat
Index Finger – Knife
Middle Finger – Onion
Ring Finger – Whisk
Little Finger – Fork

Right Hand:

Thumb – Tomato
Index Finger – Aubergine
Middle Finger – Saucepan
Ring Finger – Little Chef's Hat
Little Finger – Knife

The background was Bundle Monster plate BM16 in Konad SP Blue on both nails.

We ate at The Blue House in Haswell. I had a huuuuge plate of battered peppers with sweet chilli sauce, chips and salad it was yummy!

Faybee x


  1. Cute! I want to nom on that tomato right now!

  2. cute! Did your cousin liked your manicure?

  3. Thanks lovelies!

    Yes he did like them; he said everyone should have done theirs for the occasion!

  4. These are super cute i love it :D



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