Monday, 4 October 2010

Barry M Instant Nail Effects

I've seen crackle nail varnish before but never one from a brand I could buy in the UK so I was very excited when one of my friends posted about this on Facebook. I hummed and harred about it for a bit but when I saw it for sale in my local Superdrug I couldn't resist after all it's only £3.95.

It's only available in black and it's very easy to get some really funky looking nails out of this bottle. It's a lot thicker than normal nail varnish and you have to apply it very quickly, it says you can't go over the same bit of nail twice but I've found as long as you're quick and not applying too thick a layer it's fine. Thinner layers make it easier for the nail varnish to 'crack' and the quicker they dry the bigger the cracks become so if you want more of the base colour to show try blowing on your nails as they dry.

This is Instant Nail Effects over Models Own Sterling Silver. I think it gives a cool look, almost like graffiti.

The effect I ended up with definitely looks like the design on the lid but nothing like the pictures on the label (not seen in photo)

If you haven't already tried crackle nail varnish I'd say this is a must, I'm already thinking about buying a backup bottle.

Faybee x

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