Sunday, 9 May 2010

Tartan NOTD

I've been away this weekend. My family went to Edinburgh to see the 3 Rifles Homecoming Parade. I've had a brilliant weekend with lots of yummy food and shopping.

So in honour of my scottish visit I decided to go tartan.

Do you like my matching bracelet? Actually it's my Mam's that I nicked (please don't tell.)

This look was created with two coats of H&M Red Nail and Konad Plate M60 in Konad SP Black. Simple but quite effective I think.

Nubar Reclaim NOTD

I love green nail varnish. I know some people don't like it, especially as a nail colour, but I adore it and this one is fabulous.

This is my first holo and my first Nubar varnish that I've tried and I think it's amaaaaazing, look how shiny it is!
This is one of my more expensive varnishes as Nubar does seem to be in the higher price range. They have such a fantastic range on colours and I'm hoping to try more soon. I wish there was more availability in the UK.


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